Ua Akoakoa Makou no ka huliau'ana

We gathered together to recall the past

In 2006, our Aunty Blossom suggested that her husband (our Uncle) Clinton
Keawenuiaumialiloa Toshikuni Yoshikawa and his brother (our father) Harry
Haleakala Brown, Sr. record some of their favorite music for posterity sake. At
first the project was intended to be a family keepsake allowing future generations to enjoy Hawaiian music as it was in the late 40's and early 50's. The project evolved into a CD for all Hawaiian music lovers to enjoy. We retained the old style of singing and dressed it up a bit with piano, synthesized vibraphone, steel guitar and with traditional hula implements.

On "Huliau" we have tried to capture and preserve the "old style" of falsetto
"Leo Ki´eki´e" as it was sung by our Uncle Clinton and our father, Harry. We
used to have a hard time accompanying our Dad and Uncle as they both had a
unique style of coming in a bit early or a bit late. In the beginning of this project, our thought was to correct this style to "our way"; however, we quickly
came to accept the "old style". To force change would not accurately portray
the music of their era.

With the renaissance of Hawaiian culture, language and music, we look to
past pioneers to revisit and remember the music of yesteryear. Fortunately, we
can now enjoy some of the vinyl albums and cassette tapes of the "49th State Hawaii Record", "Cord International" and other labels preserved on CDs. That
era's music has slowly evolved into a more contemporary style that we hear
today. In addition, the younger generation has created their own style of music
featuring the "reggae" beat. Whenever our ´Ohana gather together and we sing
Hawaiian mele, our children and grandchildren are unfamiliar with the old
sound and old style. We hope that this CD will give them new insight and
appreciation for the old "style".

With this recording we want to honor our families and the early pioneers of
Hawaiian music, Joe Keawe, John Pi´ilani Watkins, Joe Secretario, Mahi
Beamer, George Ka´inapau, Andy Cummings and Bill Ali´iloa Lincoln to name
a few.

After a hard day: kickback, relax, take your shoes off…be still and quiet for
2 minutes. Place the CD Huliau in the CD player, push play and close your
eyes. Your therapy to complete relaxation in music is about to begin…promise.
We extend a big Mahalo Nui to Ola Nä Mele Productions recording studio for allowing us the opportunity to accomplish our goal and giving us all the time we needed (no pressure) to complete this venture; after all the project was three years in the making.
Mahalo to Joe and Joann Bommarito.

At work

Much aloha to the following individuals who unselfishly gave of their time
to see this project through to the finish. Please know how much we truly
appreciate your efforts to perpetuate our Hawaiian culture in music.
For this we are very grateful. —Blossom and Clinton Yoshikawa

Ola Na Mele Productions:
Joe and Joann Bommarito, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

Producers: Joe Bommarito, Sheldon Brown, Blossom Yoshikawa
Musicians: Sam Ahia, Ikaika Brown, Kevin Brown, Sheldon Brown,
Joe Bommarito, Arthur "Ata" Damasco, Gilbert Emata, Randy Leval,
Van-Jon Paio, Dwight Tokumoto and Steve Sargenti. Carolyn Brown &
Joann Bommarito (ipu,'ili'ili, ka la'au and 'ulili Hula implements)
Rodney Uweko'olani for the use of the 'ulili.
Our families are quite aware of how tedious and time consuming a
recording project can be. We would like to take this time to say Mahalo
to the 'Ohana for being so understanding…most of the time!

Our father was ill when the project began and was unable to join
Uncle Clinton. He passed away in June of 2007.

In loving memory of Harry Haleakala Brown, Sr.
(April 27, 1924-June 27, 2007)

Harry Brown, Sr. is featured on "E Kolu Hanauna Nei" 3 Generations,
with his son Kevin and grandson Ikaika.
In memory of Uncle Robert and Aunty Lin Moi Rickard
With whom Uncle Clinton played music as the Trio, Ku'uipo's.


The Mele

1. Sunset of Kalaupapa (C / 2:41 / Samson Kuahine)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocal & 'Ukulele, Sheldon Brown-vocals, Ikaika Brown-Guitar,
Dwight Tokumoto-Steel Guitar, Joe Bommarito-Electric Upright Bass
Mr. Henry Nala'ielua introduced this song to us on our visit to Kalaupapa in 1996. Frank Domingo, popular pianist with Maui's famous Molina Brothers Orchestra, shared a story about a visitor who was so impressed and intrigued after hearing Mr. Kuahine sing "Sunset of Kalaupapa"; he later gifted this extraordinary blind composer with a black concert grand piano. That piano sits today at the Kalaupapa social hall once known as the Paschoal Theatre.
We dedicate this mele to the people and patients of Kalaupapa, past and present.

2. Alekoki (A / 2:22 / King David Kaläkaua, Prince William Charles Lunalilo
©Chas E. King Music, ©Criterion Music Corp.)

Clinton Yoshikawa-vocals, Sheldon Brown-vocals, Ikaika Brown- Guitar & Electric Bass,
Van-Jon Paio-ÿUkulele, Dwight Tokumoto-Steel Guitar

3. Hamoa (F / 3:17 / John Pi'ilani Watkins)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocals & 'Ukulele, Sheldon Brown-vocals,
Dwight Tokumoto-Steel Guitar, Joe Bommarito-Electric Upright Bass, Van-Jon Paio-'Ukulele
Uncle Clinton or, "Tiny" as he is affectionately known amongst his friends expresses the music of John Piÿilani Watkins on, Hamoa, Waikaloa, Hana Ranch and Heavenly Hana. These songs are certainly a tribute to the most beautiful place on earth.


4. Ka Ipo Lei Manu (C# / 2:37 / Queen Esther Julia Kapi'olani Napelakapuokaka'e)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocals & 'Ukulele, Sheldon Brown-vocals & 'Ukulele,
Kevin Brown-Slack Key Guitar, Joe Bommarito-Electric Upright Bass, Carolyn Brown-Ipu, Joann Bommarito-'Ulili & Ka la'au.
Queen Kapiÿolani's composition speaks of her deep and devoted love for her beloved husband, King David Kaläkaua. The King who had traveled to California for his health died in San Francisco, never to return to his beloved wife and never to hear this haunting mele written for him. We can imagine that his spirit did hear.

5. Aloha 'Ia 'O Waiÿanae (F / 2:13 / Abigail Pilila'au, Rachael Kaleiwahea)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocal, Sheldon Brown-vocals & Upright Bass,
Van-Jon Paio-ÿUkulele, Gilbert Emata-Piano

6. Pua Lilia (A / 2:58 / Alfred Unaunu Alohikea ©Criterion Music Corp)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocal, Ata Damasco-'Ukulele, Gilbert Emata-Synthesized Vibraphone, Sam Ahia-Guitars, Joe Bommarito-Electric Upright Bass.
This recording of Pua Lilia reminds us of Harry Brown, Sr's untimely passing leaving our 'Ohana fond memories. This mele would have been recorded as a duet. As we listen carefully and quietly, we hear our Dad's distinct higher falsetto complimenting Uncle's voice.

7. 3 Babes In The Woods (C / 3:10 / Traditional Folk)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocals, Sheldon Brown-vocals & ÿUkulele, Ikaika Brown-Guitar, Steve Sargenti-Harmonica, Joe Bommarito-Electric Upright Bass.
This is one of Aunty Blossom's Apo 'Ohana "favorites" for their monthly Sunday gatherings.

8. Heavenly Hana (F / 2:51 / John Pi'ilani Watkins)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocals & ÿUkulele, Sheldon Brown-vocals & Upright Bass,
Dwight Tokumoto-Steel Guitar, Van-Jon Paio-'Ukulele

9. Waikaloa (C / 2:44 / John Pi'ilani Watkins)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocals, Sheldon Brown-vocals, Ipu & Upright Bass,
Van-Jon Paio-ÿUkulele, Dwight Tokumoto-Steel Guitar

10. Ho'onanea (F / 3:27 / Lena Waialeale Machado ©Accadia Music Co.)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocal & 'Ukulele, Gilbert Emata-Synthesized Vibraphone,
Joe Bommarito-Electric Upright Bass, Kevin Brown-Slack Key Guitar, Van-Jon Paio-'Ukulele.
This mele is a favorite amongst the 'Ohana, especially when Aunty Blossom
favors us with her tantalizing hula

11. Far Beyond The Blue Pacific (A / 2:27 / Traditional)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocal & 'Ukulele, Dwight Tokumoto-Steel Guitar,
Joe Bommarito-Electric Upright Bass
In memory of Barbara "Dickie" Maldonado of Makaha who shared this mele with uncle
and the Apo 'Ohana. The 1940's and the 1950's were the "hapa haole" era of music with composers writing Hawaiian mele mixed with English lyrics which certainly influenced the many visitors flocking to find "Paradise" in the Pacific.

12. Hanohano Olinda (C / 2:41 / Alice Johnson)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocals & ÿUkulele, Sheldon Brown-vocals, 'Ukulele & Upright Bass, Kevin Brown-Slack Key Guitar, Dwight Tokumoto-Steel Guitar

13. Hana Ranch (A / 2:43 / John Piÿilani Watkins)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocal & 'Ukulele, Sheldon Brown-vocals, Dwight Tokumoto-Steel Guitar, Gilbert Emata-Piano, Joe Bommarito-Electric Upright Bass, Van-Jon Paio-'Ukulele.

14. It Wouldn't Be The Same (Without You) (F / 2:52 / Jimmy Wakely,
Fred Rose ©Sony/ATV Milene Music)

Clinton Yoshikawa-vocal, Ata Damasco-Piano & Upright Bass, Randy Leval-Percussion.
Picture one who has just broken up with his sweetheart. As he drinks his sorrows away at a nearby pub, he asks the musicians "Please, hana hou one more time, just once more…for the road."

15. Lahainaluna Alma Mater (2:33 / Albert Kaleikini, Samuel Mo'okini)
Clinton Yoshikawa-vocals, Sheldon Brown-vocals
Clinton Yoshikawa is an alumnus of Lahainaluna High School, Class of 1956, thus an appropriate "boarders" rendition of this 1898 composition of the Alma Mater of the oldest school west of the Rockies. Mr. Frank Kinnison was principal in 1956. We can still hear the echoes of the Boarders choir under the direction of Keiki 'o Lahaina, Jimmy Greig