Who are we?
Joe and  Joann Bommarito, the owners of Ola Nä Mele Productions,  moved to Maui in 1999 from Southern California. As frequent visitors here for more than 10 years, we were fortunate enough to make Maui our home. We both have loved Hawaiian music and owned hundreds of Hawaiian music CDs prior to our move.

Joe graduated from Long Beach State with an Electronics Engineering Degree and retired in 1999 from a 35 year career in the Aerospace Industry. He has extensive experience in electronics.  He has always been involved in music, playing in many bands with styles ranging from surf and rock to country western music. It became his dream to someday play Hawaiian music.

Shortly after settling here on Maui, a meeting with the Brown Ohana led to Joe being invited to play bass for them.  Joe has had the honor and pleasure of playing music with Kevin, Ikaika and Sheldon Brown for many years. Sheldon works very closely with Joe in the Studio providing mixing and musical guidance gained from his years of expertise. Sheldon's trained ear is invaluable in the recording and mixing process. Kevin, Ikaika and Sheldon Brown often provide backing instrumentals for projects.

Visiting Maui in the early 70's, Joann felt that someday Maui would be home. She was able to realize one of her dreams by joining a halau and dancing Hula. The gardens around our home are filled with Native Hawaiian plants. She also sings with the Maui Community Choir, Na Leo Lani O Maui,  in Wailuku.

While enjoying local music events it was noted that some of the local music events were lacking in good sound mixing, an injustice to the performers. This led to getting into the sound business as JB Sound. We have provided sound for small to medium sized events for many years. In 2005 a high quality stand alone recording system was purchased and we began our recording endeavor here on Maui. Early recordings were of the Brown Ohana and we have added many recording artists. In 2007 we released our first CD under the studio name of JB Sound. This was an easy listening jazz project by Paul Yokota entitled Full Moon Eyes . We were pleased to be able to help Raiatea Helm with "pre-session vocals" on her CD's Sweet & Lovely and Hawaiian Blossom. In the beginning of 2009 a major upgrade to our recording system was made. We changed our studio name to Ola Nä Mele Productions in November  of 2009 to better reflect our vision and our goals related to recording. December of 2009 Ola Nä Mele Productions released the  CD, Huliau, performed by Kevin and Sheldon's Uncle, ("Uncle Dolly") Clinton Yoshikawa under our new studio name of Ola Nä Mele.  This CD features old style traditional Hawaiian music.

Ola Nä Mele Productions utilizes some of the most advanced and high quality recording equipment to assure that our recording artists are reproduced as perfectly as possible.

Our Vision
In our association with traditional Hawaiian music, both in providing sound and playing, we have met many very talented musicians. They may not have the resources to preserve their versions of traditional Hawaiian music on a CD for themselves, their Ohana and our fellow lovers of traditional Hawaiian music. It is our goal to provide an affordable means to preserve this music. Many of Maui's great musicians are Veterans and recording their music is a high priority for us.

As a part of our vision, our priority is to preserve  traditional Hawaiian music. Some of our young people rarely hear the old style Hawaiian music. We hope to do our small part in reversing this tragic trend. This vision is symbolically illustrated with our logo shown below. The petroglyph figure is lifting the music note as symbolic of assurance that  the music will live on.

Our studio is located in our Wailuku home and we are pleased to welcome musicians to a relaxing, no pressure environment.

E-mail Joe at joe@olanamele.com or Joann at joann@olanamele.com

Joe and Joann Bommarito

Ola Nä Mele Productions ........the music will live on.