Ola Na Mele uses the highest quality equipment. Our recording system is based around Pro Tools HD2 and includes the following equipment. Up to 128 tracks of playback at 48KHz sampling rate.



Sweetwater Creation Station Rack Plus. This computer was built and designed by Sweetwater* for the sole purpose of recording audio. It uses a very efficient and quiet cooling system and a very fast Intel I7 processor. This computer uses a dedicated 1 TB drive dedicated to writting and reading audio. Programs are run from another drive and includes 6 GB RAM. Uses 1 HD core and 1 HD accel card for Pro Tools processing


Controller for Pro Tools software

We use a digidesign C24, 24 fader controller with motorized faders and controls to operate the Pro Tools softare. This give us the advantage of mixing with real faders and knobs rather than using the computer mouse. Features include



2x Mohave Audio M-200 large diaphragm condenser with vacuum tube electronics.

2x Rode N1 Large diaphragm condenser mic with solid state electronics

2x AKG C-1000

1x Shure KSM 137 (great for instruments)

Numerous other microphones for vocals and instruments including percussion



16x High quality mic and line level preamps incorporated in C24 controller

2x Grace Design M101 pristine preamps

1x ART Digital MPA vacuum tube preamp (Used for adding warmth and 'old style " sound to any microphone)


Audio Monitors

Focal Solo 6

JBL LSR 4326 with LSR 4312 Subwoofer

Low end book shelf system to check mix on lower quality speakers


Audio Interfaces

Rosetta 200- Provides 2 pristine analog to digital channels and 2 pristine digital to analog channels. We use these for main vocal and instrumental recording when ever possible as the Rosetta 200 provides the best quality


Digidesign 96 I/O Provides 8 analog inputs and outs and numerous digital inputs and outputs to accomodate additional tracks


Beringher: provides 8 channels of analog inputs and 8 channels of digital outputs. We use this unit to provide additional analogoutputs to outboard processing gear. The inputs are not used.


Presonus digimax Lt used to provide 8 clean analog inputs



Latest version of Pro Tools 8.1 HD2

Waves Diamond Bundle

Waves SSL Bundle

Waves Tune

Antares Autotune

Liquid Mix

Many plug ins and virtual instruments bundled with Pro Tools



Headphone system

Behringher HA4700 Power Play headphone amps

Various headphones used by artists when recording




Vendor we use for the majority of our gear. Excellent pre and post sales support. A special thanks to Paul Rowan, my sales representative for many hours of advice in the selection of this equipment. Go to