Please remember that our studio visions are to preserve traditional Hawiian music and to provide our local Maui musicians a chance to record when they may not be able to afford full studio rates. So when selecting a recording studio for your project, please e-mail us and tell us about your vision for your project. We will get back to you with studio rates.

Ola NaMele has many instruments that may be used at no charge including a 7 ft Young Chang semi concert grand piano.

Although wa can provide suggestions for backing musicians, any charges for their services will be your responsibility unless we are producing your project.

e-mail Joe@olanamele.com or Joann@olanamele.com





Although you will work hard on your project,we want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible. We work very hard to create a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere. Relax and enjoy! Ola Na Mele Productions never puts time pressure on our artists. If it takes 30 takes, then 30 takes it will be. Please don't ever be afraid to ask to "try it again" at our studio.


You are required to give 24 hours notice if you must cancel your recording appointment. Please try to keep your appointment as cancellation impacts us and other musicians that could have used your time.



Absolutely no smoking, alcohol, illegal/illicit substances, or illicit behavior is allowed on the premises. Non adherence to this rule will result in immmediate termination of the project. No exceptions. You may smoke outside, but please be considerate of our neighbors.


Non-Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the recording area as long as care is taken to keep them away from equipment. No food or beverages are allowed near the recording equipment


Although we cannot enforce a "no cell phones " rule, we strongly recommend that you turn them off in the studio. This will eliminate waste of all our time and disruption of project flow. Even if you have cell phones on silent or vibrate, if they are near mics, instruments or other recording equipment, they may cause an interfering electrical noise which could ruin an otherwise good take.


Using the studio for practice is not fair to us as we are donating some or all of our time to your project. Please practice, practice, practice and then make your studio appointment. Your project will show your hard work.

Having said that, I am a musician, so I understand that everything doesn't always go as we would like and sometimes we must work out a few things. No problem, it happens!


Our specialty is traditional Hawiian Music and as such will always have studio priority. Depending on our schedule, however, we may accept other projects such as jazz, country western, or light rock.

We are sorry, but we do not accept Reggae /Jawiian music projects because this music is not compatible with our experience and our studio vision. We simply don't feel that we could justice to this type of music.



Client affirms that he/she is the rightful owner or assignee of material to be recorded/reproduced. Ola Na Mele Productions is not responsible for copyright violations, talent or creative royalties, mechanical reproduction licenses, or any other liabilities for such material or services.

Client agrees to indemnify Studio and employees and hold harmless from any claims, costs, losses, detriments and expenses incurred by client relative to their project.

Ola Na Mele productions will assist you in the procedure to obtain mechanical licenses for songs to which you do not own the rights. In addition we will obtain these licenses at additional cost to you if you select that option.

If we are producing your project, we will obtain these licences for you.


Remember that your CD project cannot be reproduced or sold digitally unless proof of mechanical licensing or equivalent agreement is shown. Information on rights and licensing may be found at http://www.harryfox.com/public/Licensee.jsp